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We're Hiring!

We would love to hire an adult or two at the Dairy Whip! Requirements are they have to be fun, clean cut, excited to work with teens, healthy enough to carry heavier boxes and clean up after a mess whether on the floors, walls, ceiling (ha it happens!). If you have a little OCD I would probably love you more haha.


We are in search of adults within our surrounding community who can be flexible with their hours for days, nights and weekends. No smoke breaks available.. not sure I'm allowed to officially say that but it's a smoke free zone.


We really do have an amazing team right now! These kids work really well together and we are super proud of them all.  For many of them it's their first time job but they have learned to really balance out school, extra curricular activities and a work schedule. They have taken full responsibility to trade shifts, use customer service skills and complete the task at hand. I appreciate their efforts in every direction! I applaud their parents for helping them get to and fro on time, help them get setup with their bank accounts, keeping them moving forward when it gets hard.

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ice cream scoopers with a smile !

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