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Columbus Grove Dairy Whip

"A time when lunches were 45¢"

Hello and welcome! We are a small family-owned ice cream shop located in Columbus Grove Ohio. The Dairy Whip was bought by Brad & Mandi Ellerbrock in September of 2019 with the excitement of owning a Ma-and-Pa shop with our four children. A fun place where they can learn what a community is all about and how to bring smiles to people's faces!


Just some fun facts and history of the Columbus Grove Dairy Whip! It was started in the 1960s and has had a few different owners. We've been told that it was originally owned by Grace Lehman and it was located on State Route 65 next to the current Tabler's Car Wash. When lunches were only $.45! Karen and Leroy Maag also had owned and operated the Grove Dairy Whip for 10 years, home of the "Maggie Burger" which is now the "Bulldog Burger"! We are excited to take on the legacy and offer many food and ice cream options to you!

If you know of anyone who has any older pictures from the past or if you know of anyone who would like to share their favorite stories, PLEASE contact us! ENJOY!


102 N. Main Street

Columbus Grove, Ohio 45830


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